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C:\>3 + 2
Command not found

C:\>3 + 2 = ?
Command not found

This was my first interaction with a computer. And when you observe the above result, the computer could not give me the answer to my simple maths question. This answer kept me puzzled, curious and anxious at the same time.

Let me acquaint you with my voyage of discovery in computer science. 

I Joined a bachelor’s degree in stats first and then discontinued pursuing and finding purpose in my life with computers. While pursuing a master’s in computers, I was teaching the most fascinating programming language, “C” and Linux Internals in a training academy. Pointers from ‘C’ and signal system call from Linux Internals were the most enticing and puzzling concepts.

I joined an embedded security company to work on SSL and SSH protocols. There, I have realised that memory and processors are not at my disposal. Every bit counts and every statement, whether it’s an ‘if’ or ‘switch’ matters. 

Later, I joined an MNC company to work on Telecommunication protocols like H323 , SIP and AAA. Understood the significance of customer commitments and non-English language translations. The key learning here is that quality can never be compromised

The company assigned me an overseas project with the Windows 7 team to write automation in the largest possible teams with world-famous operating systems. Automation frameworks were as exhaustive as full-fledged development projects. I understood that one can become the direct cause of customer dissatisfaction when software is delivered with bugs.

Coming to my art of designing, I went through several books and practice programs (no udemy or udacity in those days) to enhance my design skills. 

I came back to my home country to work with enterprise-class products, mainframes and security. This gave me an amazing platform and opportunity to put my debugging, design, brainstorming skills and customer communication into use. I extensively contributed to Data Loss Prevention, Identity and Access Management domains, and data science. This place has transformed me from a senior developer to a seasoned Architect. 

Throughout this fantastic journey so far, in every phase, I used algorithms, data structures, and programming pragmatics extensively. System design and architecture is an ongoing process as the industry is ever-evolving along with the technology stack. One thing that has been constant in my progress is the fascination and amusement with the same computers.

Algorithms, data structures, data science, system design and architecture, quality mindset, DevOps on one side and the global teams, cross-culture customer communications, and working in world time zones have significantly contributed to my progress. 

All through the process, I met several great technocrats, leaders and motivators. Information, guidance, and warnings have been a constant input. Participated in several conferences and presented at a few.

My inventions basket includes:
USPTO approved#11057362
USPTO pending#20180341701, 20190109833, 20200117576

Technology leadership, Sustainable architecture, Empathetic communication, and an Honest and sincere work style, are some of the top qualities you would notice in me. Teaching with examples, and experiential mentoring are the unique attributes. Having read my story, join me to create your own story.

Did I find the answer to 3 + 2 yet and did I reach the bottom of the ‘signal’ system call…Let the curiosity prevail!

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