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  • May 21, 2022
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Eliminate Distractions, A Magic Unfolds

Welcome welcome to vsdevelopers.io, this is Venky Karukuri speaking.

Today’s topic is the “focus”.

Who doesn’t want to be focused? 

To achieve something significant, one has to be focused. 

In today’s instant notification world, what is the costliest quality which you can’t buy anywhere? 

It is the focus. And it is the easiest thing that you can spend. Keep your phone turned on, bingo, you have done the magic – you are successfully distracted. 

Here are the three steps to regain your focus from my experience: 

  1. Define the ‘activity’ to focus on 
  • Reading one page from a book.
  • Replying to an email.
  • Writing a post on a social network.
  • Quality phone conversation.
  • An important in-person meeting.
  • Or anything that has an outcome defined.


  1. Identify the distractions 
  • Phone 

– Phone notifications or calls are the easiest way to distract you from the desired outcome 

  • Your loved and impromptu activities

– There is always an activity that you would love to do to distract yourself, like, arranging your room, cleaning up your files or kitchen, serving kids, etc, 

  1. Start working ON it. 
  • Start with a small duration, say 15 mins of uninterrupted time.
  • Increase the focus time window as you gain confidence.

You would start to love yourself and the outcome, as you gift these snippets of focused time.

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