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Venky Venkata Swamy Karumuri

This was my first interaction with a computer. And when you observe the above result, the computer could not give me the answer to my simple maths question. This answer kept me puzzled, curious and anxious at the same time.

  • C:\>3 + 2
    Command not found      
  • C:\>3 + 2 = ?
    Command not found

Teaching StrategyMethod

Understand the problem domain.

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Understand the problem input.

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Understand the solution output.

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Measure your algorithm’s performance.

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Core Algorithms and Data Structures

Solve 32 programming problems here

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Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

Solve 62 programming problems here

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System Design and Architecture

Coming soon, learn it like never before

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Venky Venkata Swamy Karumuri
CEO Director
Venky Venkata Swamy Karumuri
Product Designer

How We Works Course Structure


The course is structured into two parts. These courses are like two sides of a coin.

Core Algorithms

You will learn the core algorithms including organising, traversing, sorting, and searching. As part of this course, you will solve 15+ algorithm puzzles and then write programs for the same.

Solve 32 programming problems!

In this course, a brief introduction is given about the algorithm and then we dive into the problem, brainstorm it, and write an algorithm, followed by coding in Java.

The Algorithms Subject Is Like A Master Key.
A Key That Helps You Open Many Other Locks.

Would you like to crack an algorithms interview at a premium software company, and are not sure about where to start? – You begin the journey here, I’m confident you will be comfortable attempting interviews. Do you search on google for a problem’s solution, and you find something similar but not what you are looking for? That’s when you are forced to write your algorithm. This is the right place to learn and code several standard algorithms. More importantly, you would learn the nuances of algorithms and be comfortable writing the same.

Are you not sure whether to approve or reject a code review request? That is because you are not sure about the performance impact of the new code under review. You will be confident and assertive to express your view about whether the time complexity of the new code is good or bad. Are you searching for a subject that helps you learn any other programming languages with ease? Come here and learn algorithms to surprise yourself!


People Love Our Honesty And Simplicty

Sarvani Viswanadha

Before joining this course, I am not sure whether I can solve algorithms and used to get overwhelmed when tried to learn algorithmic strategies. But the way this course is designed, had changed the way I look at problems by injecting all the fundamentals and approaches one need to master at the algorithmic thinking. This course had covered all the way from basics to the core algorithmic problems and is designed in such a way that even a novice is able to grasp the concepts. Now I am able to go in depth into algorithms and solve any problem efficiently.

Aparna Rvd

It’s really great opportunity to learn Algorithms and Data structures. The way of teaching really exceptional. I developed my skills and way of thinking while solving the problems. Thank you so much Venky for giving me this opportunity.

Maddy Kanike

I have had a pleasure of working with Venky for 5 years together at Ca technologies. He is a great mentor by heart either professional or personal. His methodical approach to solve any problem brings coherence, interest and motivation. He beats the complexity to bring simple understanding. Since he is multitalented, whenever I think of Venky, below words describe him the best.


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